Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Scrabbler's Lament

This is to all my Scrabble homies: keep it real.

So, this post has not much to do with Copywriting. If you're a writer, you love words. Or, at least, I hope you do. If you love words, then you love the game of Scrabble.

I am in intense competition with a few people on Facebook's Scrabble App. It is fierce and heartbreaking. Here is the worst feeling in the world: being behind in the score, having one or two seven letter words to put in, and there's nowhere to put it. You search and search but, alas, find nothing.

I write this post in mourning of a seven-letter word that could have been, but never had the chance to live.

Emily, you are being dramatic, you say. But no, if you are a Scrabbler, you know. You know my lament well. Do not shed a tear for me. I'll be OK, but remember me when you are able to put that seven-letterer in.

I will think of you, seven-letterer. I will pour some of a 40 oz. on the sidewalk and you will be remembered.

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