Monday, March 23, 2009

New Method For Getting to a Product's Soul

I've devised a new system of getting to the heart and soul of a product. I'm going to call it, "The Then-What System."

An example will work best to explain.

Let's say as a brand new product, Axe Body Spray comes to a marketer. Axe says, "hey, we've got this body spray that makes dudes smell good. Please make dudes buy it." Well, every marketer knows you've got to hit the emotional sweet spot of a product. Sure, it'll make you smell good, but so what? The potential buyer needs to know why this product is going to change his life.

Here's where The Then-What System comes in. It works in two ways: the customer with the product and the customer without it.

Customer with product: gets Axe Body Spray. Then what? Sprays it on. Then what? Smells good. Then what? Doesn't smell. Then what? Won't turn people off with odor. Then what? Won't turn girls off with stinkiness! (Now we're onto something) Then What? More chances with girls! Then what? Get laid!

Customer without product: doesn't get Axe Body Spray. Then what? Well, then I'll stay the same, which is sometimes stinky. Then what? If I'm sometimes stinky, that will gross people out. Then what? People won't want to be around me. Then what? I'll be alone. Then what? I'll be a loser. Then what? I'll die alone.

Seems dramatic, doesn't it? But it's the truth. Advertisers and marketers need to know what the potential consumer is thinking. Of course, you're not going to make a commercial of someone lying on his death bed because he didn't get Axe. Or could you? Point is, you could stop at any answer to the Then-What and play on that aspect of the product.

This system helps the marketer get into the head of the potential customer therefore making it much easier and effective sell. It's a thought organizer for my brain, for sure. The Then-What questions are especially great for the less sexy or unfamiliar product line and also company services. We're harnessing buyer motives with this system. I use it every time.

I know it works for me so maybe it will help you, too. Let me know how it works for you!

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