Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Art of Good Web Copy

There are 3 necessities of a successful Literary Webfomercial.

A book called "Cashing In With Content" says: "People don't want TV commercials on the web - they want information." Essentially, the quote says that when someone "googles" a topic, they want information about that topic. Information seeking is a simple, but profound truth for a web copywriter. And so the art of the "Literary Webfomercial" is born.

I am a strong believer in creating engaging text no matter what you are writing. Not every product lends itself to humor or narrative, but most do. The ones that don't can still have strong, excited language that draws a reader in. What is it about the regular TV infomercial that draws in the unsuspecting insomniac? Three reasons: a) the person is extremely excited about the product and b) the person gives you situational information on the product and c) they talk to the viewer as if they were literally in the same room.

Artful web copy combines these three elements, but only has written language to express them. The copywriter must have a background expertise in the functions of language in order to full develop all three elements of a "Literary Webfomercial."

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